About  M P D
Music Pro Duction is a universal studio in the MD area. It works in concert with several other music entertainment groups and studios, including the flagship group, New Censation. It is a digitally based studio and is capable of producing  many types and atmospheres of music and literature while being well travelled in the world of live entertainment and recording.
Its members have worked in concert with many known organizations and nationally known artists as well as having performed in many countries. They have been well established in many facets of the recording business including vocal performance, instrumental performance, production, engineering and mastering.

​CEO    Will Williams

Everything Vocal  

                                                            About Will Williams

             ​Musician Extraordinaire-Master Guitarist-Songwriter-Composer. Will Williams     
             has been making amazing melody throughout the industry for years
             ​and has no plans of slowing down. His multi-faceted talents span ​across 
             ​several genres of music and he has graced the stage to play with some famous
             ​faces from around the world.

             Will’s love and passion for music began in his early teens. He was influenced
             ​by some of the world’s greatest contributors such as … Jimi Hendrix,
             ​James Brown, George Benson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc. Today he can be found
            ​ on ​“the strings” at some of the top venues across the MD, DE, VA & DC areas.

             ​His musical expertise continues to open doors to share his lifelong passion with
             ​others. He can customize a signature event for you. Want to take it back to the
             ​60’s? No problem. Throw a disco-inferno 70’s party? No problem.
             If you're looking for contemporary dance, pop or r&b, he's got it!​
             ​The atmosphere that he’s able to create musically is unimaginable ​because he’s
             ​not restricted to one or two or even three genres of music—consistently delivering
             ​what you want to hear, when and how you want to hear it.
             ​His onsite performance rate continues to ​earn rave revues.

             ​Williams is also a music instructor/trainer and has even played “the strings” in
             ​commercial jingles such as Chevy's "Like A Rock". He has an “old school flavor”
             ​and a work ethic that is worthy of refined craftsmanship and musicianship.

             ​Looking to finally record that CD? Will can work with you one-on-one to ensure
             ​that your CD project is planned, arranged and produced at the highest level.
             ​He will walk you through the process from A-to-Z.

             Will’s on demand schedule quickly fills up. Contact him today to schedule a
             ​private consultation for the musical needs for your next event or special engagement.