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Custom Song Samples

Here are a list of prerecorded song samples. You can choose from one or more of these templates for your song request and I will insert the appropriate lyrics and/or names to fit your celebration. Because the music is prerecorded, these sell at a reduced price. The vocals will be the only newly recorded tracks. Bear in mind that I can customize the music too if you require minor alterations. 

All instruments and vocals performed by Will Williams.
21    Birthday

22    Wedding

23    Christmas

24    Friends

25    Diddy

26    Zydeco

27   Encouragement

You can puchase any one of these prerecorded songs and I'll write your own unique lyrics for just $50.00. 

The acapella Happy Birthday song can be purchased for just $25.00. 

Please note the "number" of your song selection to submit on the next page!

To make your purchase now, just click on "Purchase Prerecorded Song"below!

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